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Architecture Metal Letter Prints - R

Architecture Metal Letter Prints - R

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Make a statement that'll stand the test of time (and weather) with our metal architecture letter prints! Boasting a scratch-resistant, UV resistant, flame-resistant, anti-graffiti finish, coupled with its bendable, anti-microbial (eww germs!), VOC-free properties - this sign is designed to withstand even the harshest outdoor conditions. Plus, at only .025 aluminum and lightweight, this sign is easy to hang and won't weigh down your wall. With exceptional detail and archival quality that's proudly printed in the USA, you can show off your sign for years to come!


Your item is printed using the latest heat transfer printing technology in order to produce vibrant colors, depth, and appeal that make our prints so beautiful. Your print is attached to the metal blanks, then heated in order to infuse the inks into the surface of the metal blank, this gives the product longevity. Once the ink has been infused, and the product given time to properly cool, your item is then lovingly packed and ready to be picked up by the shipping carrier, and your metal architecture letter print is on the way to you. 


This is a printed product, there are many variables that determine the color output for each print. One such variable is the color calibration of various screens, what looks to be very vibrant on our screen may look differently on yours. Due to this issue, the color on the item received may look differently than the item viewed on your screen. We will always do our best to ship the most vibrant and colorful product we can, just know that there is a possibility of color discrepancies. 


Due to the nature of the product, we can only print within the confines of the given substrate. Meaning, if any area of the print protrudes past the edge of the substrate that part of the design will not print onto the final product. For instance, these designs are printed on rectangular metal blanks. Anything that protrudes past the rectangular background, will not be printed on the finished product. 


We do our due diligence to make certain that each print processed makes it to its new home in the same condition that it left in. As such, we make certain that your tin sign is packaged in such a way that it does not rattle around within the package, this could inadvertently cause damage.  Smaller orders may ship via a Priority Mail Envelope, others larger orders, may ship via Priority Mail boxes.


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