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6"x8" Metal Photo Blanks

6"x8" Metal Photo Blanks

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6" x 8" x .025"


  • Scratch resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Flame resistant
  • Anti-graffiti finish
  • Bendable
  • Anit-microbial
  • VOC free
  • Extended outdoor use
  • .026 aluminum
  • Exceptional detail
  • Archival quality
  • Easy to hang
  • Lightweight
  • Proudly printed in the USA


These sign blanks are coated in sheets then the shapes pressed out of those sheets. This gives the best yield per sheet, keeping our prices within those of other suppliers. And these quality blanks will always keep you in the black! Because when you're saving money, there's nothing like a little extra green.


This is a blank product and is ready for your sublimation print. The product is currently white on one side (the side you will transfer your image to), while the other is brushed aluminum. 


Heat the press to 400 degrees, light to medium pressure works best at 40 seconds. No heat press is made the same, it is always best to test your temperatures and press time before pressing something for your customers. Adjust your time and temps according to your liking. 


We take extra care to guarantee that your 6"x8" Photo Blanks arrive safe and sound. We package it in a way that it won't jostle around in transit and potentially get damaged. Smaller orders go out via Priority Mail Envelope, while bigger orders use a Priority Mail box.


All aluminum sublimation blanks ain't equal, fam. Check the listed thickness; anything under .025" thickness won't cut it - and probably won't cut anything. Yeah, you can find dirt-cheap aluminum blanks from Amazon, but you'll likely get what you pay for. An added bonus? UV protection to prevent fading. Bottom line: pay the price, get the prize.


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    Even though most of our items are made of solid wood, it's best to be careful when handling them. The ones made of Pine are more prone to damage when bumping against harder surfaces.

  • Cleaning

    To clean our items simply wash with a mild solution of soap and water being gentle with the surfaces. You may need to employ the use of a duster in order to reach the crevices of some items.

  • Installation

    Installations is easy but differs from items with a single hanger as compared to items with multiple hangers. Multiple hangers will have the standard center of 16" between hangers.

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