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    Custom CNC Round Sign

    Custom CNC Round Sign

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    ā€¢ Small - 12" Tall x 12" Wide x 1" Thick
    ā€¢ Medium - 15" Tall x 15" Wide x 1" Thick
    ā€¢ Large - 18" Tall x 18" Wide x 1" Thick
    ā€¢ Extra- Large 24" Tall x 324" Wide x 1" Thick

    *Final thickness dependent upon original thickness and needs for optimal flatness.


    ā€¢ Hand Made in the USA
    ā€¢ Sawtooth for hanging
    ā€¢ 100% Solid Pine
    ā€¢ Carved Designs
    ā€¢ Clear Satin Coating


    Each piece of wood used to makeĀ this item has its own character, the knots bring out the beautiful nature of the wood and add to this character. No piece of wood stains the same, this makes each piece created unique and individual from another made the same way.

    Intended Use:

    This custom round wooden sign is intended for indoor use. Even though the sign is protected by polyurethane, it is not safe for outdoor use. Exposing this sign to the outdoor elements can cause adverse effects including but not limited to, warping, separation, and pealing.

    After Purchase:

    Once you have made your purchase, email us at, all the pertinent details of what you want included on your sign, the colors for your sign, and anything else you think we need to know to make you the perfect sign.Ā Ā 

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    • Care

      Even though most of our items are made of solid wood, it's best to be careful when handling them. The ones made of Pine are more prone to damage when bumping against harder surfaces.

    • Cleaning

      To clean our items simply wash with a mild solution of soap and water being gentle with the surfaces. You may need to employ the use of a duster in order to reach the crevices of some items.

    • Installation

      Installations is easy but differs from items with a single hanger as compared to items with multiple hangers. Multiple hangers will have the standard center of 16" between hangers.

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