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Gothic Girls Sublimation Transfer Sheets

Gothic Girls Sublimation Transfer Sheets

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3”, 6”, 8”, 10”, and 11.75” 

Smaller and Larger sizes available upon request


Suitable for white or light-colored surfaces, our sheets won't show images on black or darker surfaces - and other colors may cause unexpected color variations when pressed.


Ensure your substrate has either a poly coat or contains at least 50-100% poly fabric content to achieve the best results. The higher the poly content, the more classic and timeless the look will be, whereas anything less than 50% may result in a washed-out impression or inadequate pressing. (or just won't work)

Sublimation guarantees that your image is fully embedded into the substrate so it will stay vibrant and intact - no cracking, or peeling! (As long as the proper substrate is used)


Sublimation doesn't use white ink, causing any white in the design to appear as the color of the substrate—gray clouds outlined in black on an ash-gray shirt, for example. White text designs will appear in bold black for the best sublimation results. Actual colors may vary from what is shown on the transfer sheet. The true shades will become clear when pressed onto the base substrate.


The time and temperature for these sublimation transfers will depend on the substrate it is being applied to, the method of transfer (heat press or oven), and the heating mechanisms of the chosen heat method.  Each heating method and heating mechanism have their own quirks and tricks to getting the best finished goods. Proper testing before pressing is suggested this way you know you are getting the proper pressure and heat for the given substrate. 


These are heat activated prints, as such the print will look dull until the ink is activated during the pressing process. 


Due to the nature of the product, we cannot offer refund on this item. 


We do our due diligence to make certain that each sublimation transfer processed makes it to its new home in the same condition that it left in. As such, we make certain that your transfer print is packaged in such a way that it does not rattle around within the package, this could inadvertently cause damage.  Smaller orders may ship via a Priority Mail Envelope, others larger orders, may ship via Priority Mail boxes.

Pricing is based on same design orders only.


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