How We Started..

Crater Goods was established from the need for a more robust and better-looking kennel that those hideous wire kennels found at the big box stores. We found it very had to get our interior design to look the way we wanted with those wire kennels uglifying our home.

As we have progressed upon our path, we have now included many products to help you beautify your home. From cutting boards and other kitchen items that can be personalized, to customizable signs and othe wall decor.

I had an entrepreneurial spirit at an early age. I started in grade school with purchasing Little Debbie snacks and selling them to my classmates. In middle school I would make boxes and epoxy coated clocks to sell to family and friends. I have always had plenty of energy to put into making something. I worked home remodeling and construction jobs to help with my need to create. I also worked jobs running cnc’s in order to gain more skills and knowledge in other areas. When I started this venture I was showing our dogs and breeding them , working a fulltime job, and going to college to gain my bachelors in information security and assurance.

Who Are We?

Crater Goods is a small group family-run business. With myself at the helm, my wife by my side, and our son helping in production from time to time, we create imperfectly rustic décor for your home. We pick at each other, tick each other off, we are sarcastic, and rude to each other, just like any other family in America. If this rubs you wrong, or just isn’t the type of people you would like to do business with — good luck because that’s pretty much every family in the US. But it’s ok, you won’t hurt our feelings because we gave those up a long time ago. But if you want some good old-fashioned American-made products, stick with us kid, 'cause that’s exactly what we do.

All orders are built in the order that they are received, your patience as we build your order is appreciated.

What We Do: From pet feeders to patriotic décor, and everything in between we have the gamut covered. My wife says my pickiness drives her insane, my son gets mad at me because I will make him do things over until they are the way I want them. I think both would like to string me up by my toenails from time to time, but the products we ship are of the highest quality possible and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Just promise me, if I don’t answer your inquiries in a timely manner, please call the authorities. (This is a joke folks!)

As Conservatives We Believe..
• Individual Freedom, and that the Government's purpose is to secure these rights.
• Limited Government, smaller Government means less overreach, as it serves its people.
• The Rule of Law, which shall be leveraged equally and impartially.
• Peace through Strength, while protecting the homeland and its interest at home and abroad.
• Fiscal Responsibility, Congress has a moral and constitutional duty to operate within its means.
• Free Markets, giving entrepreneurs and risk-takers the liberty to chase the American dream.
• Human Dignity, that every life has value, and every life can pursue its dreams.


Quality is achieved by working towards bettering each product with each iteration. The perfect handmade product my be ever out of reach, but we will never stop trying to obtain the unobtainable.Our product designers, graphic designers and staff are here to make your ideas come to life. Whether you want something created from scratch or personalize one of our premade items we are here to serve you.


Crafted with precision and excellence, each product made by Crater Goods uses premium materials. Everything from the wood we use to the paints we have chosen are of superior quality.


Each product is designed with purpose and intent. We hope that you will browse through our current offerings and find that perfect piece for your home. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, feel free to contact us with your idea, chances are we can made it a reality.


Designed for every home, our products come in various sizes in order to fit into your current decor. We make various sizes to accommodate the customers' available space. Some folks have plenty of space other don't, this way you are sure to find something to fit your available space.


All I can say is, "WOW!" So nice to receive a quality product made in the USA. Fit and finish were perfect! Just be sure to measure your doorway/entryway correctly and write it down. Then once you have it, check it again just to be sure. Also, the emailed 3D rendering for approval was fantastic. If I need a gate for the top of my stairs I definitely will be coming back.

Barn Door Baby Gate


Barn Door Baby Gate