Shelby, Ohio - The epitome of quaint, rural America.

      A tight-knit community that fiercely takes care of its own, and a football town whose stadium smack in the middle of town speaks to the Friday night lights as the religion that it is in this community. We have been in Shelby for some time, we enjoy the town and the people.

    • ABOUT US

      As a company, we strive to continually develop and offer new products to our customers. Whether our customers are looking for pet furniture, business or home signage, or to commemorate their love of country, we want to provide superior quality. 


      We are a small group of artisans specializing in three core groups of items, pet furniture, patriotic decor, and wooden signage. While crafting our items we try to stick with a purist approach as much as possible. Which means, although some products may contain variations of wooden alternatives, the majority of our products will be manufactured using solid woods, allowing our products to retain the true beauty and charm of real wood. 


      Charles handles the production and design aspect of the operation. If you need something customized, or a product idea created, he will be the best bet to handle your need.


      Ruthie handles the shipping end of things. If you have a shipping question or concern, she is your go to for that.


      Quality isn't just stumbled upon; it's strived for and achieved only by working to make certain that our products are the best they can be.  This is the promise that we give our customers and why we concentrate on the three core product categories. 


      We try to design and create products that would would love to have in our own home. This way we know you will love to have them in yours. If you have an idea for a product, feel free to contact us and see if we can make it a reality.


      We do our best to make certain items ship out on a timely manner. We are also humans with lives and callenges of our own. Sometimes our lives and challenges collide, much like you, we have to take a step back and regroup getting things back into perspective.