In order to further support your small business, Crater Goods now offers a 25% discount to wholesale customers. To be eligible for wholesale pricing, orders must total $250 before tax and shipping are applied.

    Wholesale pricing will only be available while logged into your account. Crater Goods will not refund your order if you checkout without the discount applied. Custom orders are not eligible for wholesale pricing.

    Wholesale customers will be required to make a purchase at minimum every six months in order to keep your account in good standing. Failure to do so can result in deactivation of your wholesale account.

    Crater Goods reserves the right to amend the details of the Wholesale Program at any time without notice. This includes the removal of individuals or businesses that do not meet the criteria for inclusion.

    To apply, first create an account on the home page of the website. Once your account has been created, send us an email at wholesale@cratergoods.com with the following information:

    Full Name:



    Business Name:

    Shipping Address:


    Tax ID:

    *You must provide a link to where you sell products in order to be eligible for wholesale pricing.

    *Your profile must be completed with all pertinent details in order to be eligible for wholesale pricing. This information must be maintained for with the latest details at all time.